Health & Safety

We strive to do our part to be responsible business owners (and fellow humans) during this COVID crisis. As such, everyone who works in our studio is fully vaccinated. However, as we've learned, that in and of itself is not enough to reduce the risk of transmitting this virus to those more vulnerable, so we will be masking up during each appointment and will be requiring our customers to do the same.

Some additional precautions we're taking:

  • We will also take your temperature at the door and guide you toward the restroom to sanitize your hands before we get to the goods.
  • We are leaving time in between each appointment to sanitize the space
  • We will also be limiting the number of people allowed in each appointment

We kindly ask that if you have an appointment but begin feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID, that you contact us to change or cancel your appointment. 

We appreciate your cooperation!