Our Story

At Parsimonia, we believe style is subjective. Put simply: Wear what you love, and love what you wear.

We love vintage, we love color, we love quality and we love inclusivity. We're also passionate about helping women understand their bodies — in all their glorious forms — and how that translates into shopping for vintage. But we also believe it can be a base from where women can discover and embrace their own style!

As such, we offer a curated selection of both timeless and unique pieces that mix seamlessly into modern-day wardrobes. So whether you're looking for a vintage dress to show off some new shoes, a vintage blouse to pair with your skinny jeans or a bit of vintage arm candy to house that wallet, we'll pair you with pieces that make you, you!


Fresh from my honeymoon in 2010, I (Beth) found myself laid off from an editing job my first day back — and it was honestly the best thing that could've happened. My new husband encouraged me to take it as an opportunity to pursue something I loved, and that something was vintage. I had long incorporated all of its wonderful, colorful, unique qualities in mostly my wardrobe, but also my home, and I was excited to curate beautiful things for others.

Fast forward six months and we left our newlywed bungalow in California, moved back to my hometown of Saint Louis, and I started applying for shows in the local indie craft scene. At the time, vintage vendors had to plead their case a little to get in over a maker, but thanks to a couple open-minded show-runners, I was able to break in and proceeded to set up a booth at a LOT of shows over the next year.


In 2011, after buckets of sweat and dictionary's worth of swear words, I pulled up to Indie Craft Revolution (which was my very first show two years prior!) as one of Saint Louis's first two mobile retail stores. Holly, my 1960 canned-ham camper, freshly painted in white and teal, most definitely got more attention than all the vintage clothes, accessories and home decor she stocked inside, and I towed her around everywhere I could for the next year and a half.


The stars aligned in 2013, and after yet more sweat and swear words, Parsimonia opened the doors of its first storefront that September, nestled between a barber shop and a bar in the bustling South Grand Business District. And there we stayed for almost 7 years, becoming a destination for fashionistas and vintage-lovers looking for curated, affordable pieces to help express their sense of style.


When murmurings of Covid started in the beginning of 2020, we were in our usual post-holiday/new year planning phase, excitedly dreaming and scheming about new things to try that year. As the health crisis progressed and we watched the shop's numbers take dip after dip, we were forced to start talking about something that was never on our radar that year: closing up shop. The truth was we'd already been feeling the burnout of being a small brick-and-mortar shop for so many years, not to mention our personal lives were facing some unexpected challenges. And after many, many talks, we decided that maybe it was time to take a pause. Neither of us were ready to say we were finished for good, so we sold most of our fixtures, clearanced a lot of inventory and put the rest in storage. Then we waited ... and waited ... and waited for something to become clear.


Part of the process for us was also being honest about what it would take for us to want to start up again in a new space, and in our last Instagram post of 2020, we wrote the following:

"Yes, COVID was the catalyst for this decision, but, honestly, what we get out of the current shop model — financially, emotionally, mentally — just doesn’t outweigh anymore the work we put into it.

We want a shop that can work around the space we want to give it in our lives. One that doesn’t depend on us being open to the public 6 days a week. One that doesn’t cater to passing trends but consistently stays true to our brand. One that doesn’t feel the need to play the popularity game on social media, but stands on the quality of the goods we curate and the work we put into making them wearable. So, in essence: One that caters to those of you who love, appreciate and wear what we’ve offered these past 10 years. And, in turn, one that can give those customers a more personalized experience."

And that, my lovelies, is where we are now. In April 2021, the stars aligned yet again and, together with our studio mate Potion23, we signed a lease on an upstairs commercial space, just down the street from our old storefront, and we're so excited to see if we can make this new dream come true.

Be sure to check our our FAQs page to learn more about what to expect at an appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!